WKC USA Nationals
  Aug 27
Welcome to the WKC USA Nationals!

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  USA - Wayne, MI

Hype Athletics, 4635 Howe Rd., Wayne, Michigan 48184, United States

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About The WKC USA Nationals
Welcome to the WKC USA Nationals

The WKC is the premiere international league for open sport martial arts competition. Teams from all around the world meet once per year to compete head-to-head for the coveted title of WKC World Champion.

The journey to the WKC World Championships for those wishing to represent the USA usually starts with placing in the top four at a regional qualifier and then competing at the WKC USA Nationals where the top four finalists in each WKC division are invited to represent the USA at the WKC World Championships.

Due to the COVID pandemic, there were no regional qualifier events in 2021. Therefore, Team USA is being selected from two sources.

1. The #1 Rated Competitor from the WKC Virtual League that was held from February - July, 2021 will receive a Wild Card spot on his/her countries' team. Any USA competitor with a #1 Rating from the virtual season has secured a spot on the team for the division in which he/she was rated #1.

2. The top 6 USA finalists in any WKC division from the WKC USA Nationals will secure a spot on Team USA for the 2021 WKC World Championships.

The WKC World Championships will be held October 23-29, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Find out more information at www.wkcworld.com

The WKC USA Nationals will begin on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. with Round 1 of the forms and weapons divisions for all ages and genders. 

Following the forms and weapons divisions, the light contact divisions will be run on Friday.

On Saturday, August 28th, competition will begin with teams and para divisions followed by Round 2 of the forms and weapons divisions. Competitors will compete in reverse order of their placement from Friday night competition.

Following forms and weapons, the point sparring divisions will run.

Grand championships will be offered for men's and women's point sparring overalls.

Due to the COVID Pandemic, the WKC USA Nationals is taking the following steps for health and safety:

1. All participants (spectators, coaches, judges, competitors, staff) MUST wear a mask while in the competition arena.

2. Only competitors, coaches and spectators who are actively competing may be in the competition arena.

3. Judges are required to wear a mask at all times.

4. A competitor may remove his/her mask to compete ONLY.

5. Upon completion of competition, competitors, coaches and  spectators must leave the arena.

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  USA - Wayne, MI

Hype Athletics, 4635 Howe Rd., Wayne, Michigan 48184, United States

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