North American Sport Karate Association

@NASKA | 42 Events
From 1986 to today, NASKA continues to be the leader in “Open Tournament Sport Karate”, in sanctioning North America’s most prestigious karate tournaments and in giving the world’s greatest karate athletes a forum to display, innovate and develop their talents.

Professional Martial Arts Conference

@PROMAC | 21 Events
Welcome to the Professional Martial Arts Conference

National Sport Karate Australia

@NSKA | 16 Events
Welcome to National Sport Karate Australia!

Sport Martial Arts

@SMA | 16 Events
Become a member of today! Get discounts at events, participate in virtual events to improve or learn about the sport. Get free training opportunities, discounts on gear and win prizes. brings you the most comprehensive coverage of open sport karate competition in the world and membership makes your competition experience amazing!

American Karate Association

@AKA | 13 Events
The AKA has grown to be one of the largest martial arts associations in the country—our roots reach back to 1964. Steeped in tradition, the American Karate Association continues to uphold the traditions of the past while nurturing the talent of the future.

World Karate Commission

@WKC-World | 8 Events
Since 2013, the World Karate Commission (WKC) has been the place where martial arts competitors have the opportunity to compete in international world class competition of the highest level. Competitors in the WKC experience standardized rules and regulations along with professional officiating that assure fun and fair events. The structure of the WKC allows all competitors an equal opportunity to participate and the family-friendly atmosphere assures a warm and welcoming environment. Competitors come first for the WKC and the goal is to be innovative and forward-thinking through constant improvement of events, rules and concepts. A World Championship title in the WKC requires hard work, dedication and perseverance – tenets that are what make the martial arts such an important activity and sport. Participation in the WKC is open to all. To find out more, contact your WKC country representative.

North Central Karate Association

@NCKA | 5 Events
Welcome to the North Central Karate Association!

U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association

@USCDKA | 5 Events
Welcome to the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association!

Professional Black Belt Association

@PBBA | 4 Events
Training, Certification, and Accreditation for Martial Artists, School Owners, and Academies.

Professional Karate Commission

@PKC | 4 Events
The Professional Karate Commission was formed in 1986 by Founder and President, Mr. Glenn Keeney, as a sanctioning body for American Kickboxing. In 1989 it began sanctioning Point Karate. The PKC is one of the fastest growing Martial Arts organizations in the United States and Canada. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity, ethics and principles of Karate-do. Our goal is to serve you in the best and most efficient possible manner. Look for the PKC logo for a truly respectful atmosphere, with good sportsmanship, and exciting competition.

WNY Combat League

@WNYCL | 4 Events
Welcome to the Western New York Combat League!

International Sport Karate Association

@ISKA | 3 Events
Since 1986 ISKA has set an unprecedented standard for professionalism and integrity while servings as the worlds' most well recognized sanctioning and regulatory body for combat sports and competitive martial arts. ISKA maintains a continued commitment to training & certifying officials and updating rules and regulations while recognizing both worthy champions and world rated contenders in more than twenty different types of martial arts and combat sports.

Michigan Sport Karate Circuit

@MSKC | 3 Events
Welcome to the Michigan Sport Karate Circuit!

Red Dragon

@RDK | 2 Events
Welcome to Red Dragon Tournaments, The Best Tournament Series IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!

World Kickboxing and Karate Union

@WKU | 2 Events
Welcome to the World Kickboxing and Karate Union!

Midwest Sport Karate League

@MSK | 1 Event
Welcome to the Midwest Sport Karate League!

The League

@The-League | 0 Events
The LEAGUE is a Sport Martial Arts league that is focused primarily on the competitor. They are our number one concern. Regardless of the color of their belt, we create an environment for them that encourages good sportsmanship and safety. In turn, this competitor-friendly environment creates excitement and an enjoyable experience for all of our spectators. It also helps attract Sport Martial Arts top talent.
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