WKC Virtual World Championships
  Jul 25
Join us July 25th for WKC Virtual World Championships!

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Competitors from 6 countries!
Canada 77 72 63 39
United States 43 50 31 24
Guatemala 23 32 21 7
Puerto Rico 20 15 12 10
Venezuela 4 2 0 1
Honduras 2 5 4 1
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The Championships - Read This
The WKC Virtual Championships

The WKC Virtual League was a complete success with some amazing competition over five regular season events. It all comes to a head with the WKC Virtual World and Amateur Championships. This is where competitors will go head-to-head to determine who will go home with right to claim victory!

How will it work:

1. Only registered WKC members who have competed in at least one regular season virtual event can participate in the WKC Virtual World and Amateur Championships. If you are not currently a paid member, you will not receive an invitation.  To become a member, log into your account on MATAction.com, go to the WKC World organization page at www.MATAction.com/WKC-World and look for a green button that says "Create New Membership 2021". Click it and follow the instructions to become a member.

2. Eligible competitors will receive an invitation for each division he/she may compete in for the WKC Virtual World Championships.

3. The running order for the championships will go in reverse of the final ratings order. For instance, the person rated #1 will go last and the lowest rated competitor who registers to compete will go first. If two or more competitors are tied for a particular rating, those competitors will be randomly shuffled into the appropriate spot in the order (for instance, if two people are both rated #2, the names will be randomly shuffled and one will be second to last and the other third to last depending on the shuffle.) Any shuffles will take place before the event begins and the final order for competitors will be revealed the day before the event.

4. Anyone who is currently rated #1 in a World level division will receive a wild card spot on his or her country's team for the in-person World Championships in Orlando, Florida in October. If there are ties for the #1 rated position, both competitors will be allowed to represent his/her team at the World Championships in Orlando.

5. #1 rated competitors that also win at the WKC Virtual World and Amateur Championships will earn the title of Undisputed Virtual World or Amateur Champion for that division and will be honored as such.

6. The top four finalists at the WKC Virtual World Championships will also earn virtual titles (this is for both World and Amateur divisions).

7. Other titles that will be awarded are for Top 10 rated and #1 rated competitors in a division (this is for BOTH World Level and Amateur divisions).

The WKC Virtual World & Amateur Championships will be broadcast live on both Facebook and YouTube (note that some rings may only be on one channel rather than both). You will be able to find the broadcasts on these channels:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sportmartialarts

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/sportmartialarts

It is recommended that you subscribe and turn on notifications for these media channels so that you will be notified when the event goes live.

1. There are divisions in my cart that I do not want to compete in, how do I remove them?

A: The system is set up to invite you to participate in the WKC Virtual World & Amateur Championships event and to include all divisions you are eligible to compete in. In order to remove divisions, an administrator will need to assist. Click on Support at the bottom right of any page on the MATAction.com website. As part of your help request, let us know the competitor name and the divisions you want removed. Once we have made the edits, we will let you know so you can complete your registration.

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