Grand Slam Virtual WKC World Qualifier
  Jun 6
Join us June 6th for Grand Slam Double Points Virtual WKC World Qualifier!

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Competitors from 7 countries!
Canada 88 71 65 36
United States 55 52 42 27
Guatemala 26 26 11 12
Puerto Rico 25 15 9 11
Venezuela 5 2 1 2
Honduras 2 9 1 0
Colombia 1 0 0 1
About This Event
WKC Virtual World Qualifier Tour

Learn about the WKC and the WKC Virtual League

Find out more about the WKC on the WKC Website or the Organization Page on

The WKC Virtual World Qualifier League was created because the pandemic has kept many martial arts tournaments from being held. This League offers high caliber martial arts competition in a live format using Zoom. It brings a level of competition similar to in-person competition. Competitors from around the world are able to participate, compete and continue training.

The WKC Virtual World Qualifer League offers WKC titles that are separate from the WKC World Championship titles earned by participating in the in-person WKC World Championships held each year. The Virtual League offers titles to both World level (black belt) competitors and Amateur competitors. 

Awards are based on ratings earned by participating in the virtual events. Points are earned based on where competitors place in divisions. For World level divisions, there is an added bonus of the possibility of earning a spot on your country's team at the in-person WKC World Championships in October. The #1 rated competitor in each virtual division, will be awarded a wild card spot on his/her country's team at the final WKC World Championships in October in Orlando.

Competitors that rank in the top 10 in any division will be eligible for awards and titles at the end of the virtual season and earn a seed to compete at the end of the order during virtual Finals Championships in July. A virtual awards ceremony and "banquet" will be held in September, 2021 and a Grand Championships event for Finals Championship winners will be offered in August, 2021.

Challenge yourself and be a part of the WKC Virtual League - it's amazing!


See all the divisions for the WKC Virtual League here:

Find all the rules for the WKC here:

WKC Forms and Weapons Rules


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