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2023 Membership

Make sure you become part of the fun in 2023!

The 2023 Membership is one you NEED! Get discount codes for 2023 events, participate in the virtual events and get rated, get free training and goodies and so much more. Become a member today - regular price is $49 but it is discounted to $39 until January 31, 2023!

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Benefits of 2023 Membership:

Note, the SMA Membership does NOT allow you to compete in events. You must either pay an entry fee for each event. Check out these fantastic benefits for SMA Membership:

Inclusion in 2023 SMA Virtual Tour Ratings. Earn points for your participating in the 2023 SMA Virtual events and compete against others for ratings

End of year banquet with super cool awards and free gifts (in 2020, 2021  and 2022 our participants all received a free seminar with a world champion competitor and many were eligible for free G-Force weapons, gear and products, cash, gift certificates, plus awards that were specially designed and look amazing)

A chance to compete internationally from the comfort of your own home or dojo with no travel costs

Divisions for new competitors as well as experienced competitors

Supportive and fun event coordinators (MCs)

full ratings system so you can track your progress and show family and friends

Online profiles that track your results and ratings and can be customized

Improved martial arts skill. Motivation to keep training. Lifelong friends from around the world.

Display your SMA Membership status on your MAT Action Competitor Profile

All your results from SMA Virtual Tour Events will display on your MAT Action Competitor Profile

Inclusion in the 2023 SMA Virtual Tour Awards Banquet and eligibility for Virtual Tour awards and gifts at end-of-year

If rated #1, #2 or #3 or if you earn a Wild Card spot at the final regular event of the season, you will be invited into the final invite-only season finale event. If you win your division the invite-only finale in forms, weapons or breaking, you will also be invited to take part in the season ending grand championships.

NEW FOR 2023:

*SMA Membership includes VIP status at 5 major world events (additional events may be added through the year) - VIP status includes:

  • Discount codes for 2023 AKA Warrior Cup, Compete Internationals, Cowboy Up, US Open and US Capitol Classics
  • Discounts on royalty free music that is required for participation in the finals (both black belt and under belt) for these events and Texas Revolution
  • First notice and first dibs on Skillz and Drillz trainings at these events - a chance to work out for free with top competitors at events.

*Discounts on SMA VT gear throughout the season

*Free seminar with top competitors and opportunities for virtual trainings throughout the year.

*Inclusion in the SMA-VT end of year ratings with possible publication of your name in Black Belt Magazine

*Special drawings for awesome prizes like hotel room nights, spectator passes and even airline tickets

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