Compete World Martial Arts Championships
  Feb 25
Welcome to the Compete World Martial Arts Championships!

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  USA - Ontario, CA

Ontario Convention Center, 2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario, California 91764, United States

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General Information
You Are Invited To The 2022 COMPETE Internationals

You are invited to compete in the 34th Annual COMPETE Internationals World Martial Arts Championships

We are excited to welcome you back to martial arts tournament competition. As always, the divisions at COMPETE are encouraging and open to all competitors from white belt, intermediate, advanced, new black belts and the experienced black belts! The awards are amazing and include trophies, awards to 10th place, cash and savings bonds.

Families and spectators will have a great opportunity to see and participate in competition in a positive atmosphere where competitors of all levels cam showcase their talents. Join us and share the experience that is COMPETE. We believe in the positive spirit of martial arts competition.

Shihan Mohamed, Amanda, Ava, Shahin and Alec Jahanvash

The 2022 COMPETE Internationals offers 1000+ divisions - the most of any tournament. At COMPETE, you will find the divisions just right for you.


Beautiful trophies for 1st - 10th place

  • Beautiful 1st place trophies for Color Belts
  • Custom Cup for 1st place Black Belts
  • 1st, 2nd & two 3rd Place Trophies for Sparring divisions.
  • 10 places in all Forms/Weapons divisions
  • 8 places in all Sparring divisions

All divisions offer trophies to placing competitors!

56 Black Belt
Grand Champion Divisions

78 Color Belt
Grand Champion Divisions


Cash Prizes
Class AA Black Belt Divisions
$500 - Traditional Form GC - Men 18+
$500 - CMX Form GC - Men 18+
$500 - Form GC - Women 18+
$500 - Traditional Weapons GC - Men 18+
$500 - CMX Weapons GC - Men 18+
$500 - Weapons GC - Women 18+
$500 - LW Point Sparring GC - Men 18+
$500 - HW Point Sparring GC - Men 18+
$500 - Point Sparring GC - Women 18+
$500 - Men's Open Weight 1st Place (minimum 4 competitors for cash prize payout)
$100 - Men's Open Weight 2nd Place (minimum 4 competitors for cash prize payout)
$500 - Women's Open Weight 1st Place (minimum 4 competitors for cash prize payout)
$100 - Women's Open Weight 2nd Place (minimum 4 competitors for cash prize payout)
$200 - Forms GC - Men 30+
$200 - Form GC - Women 30+
$200 - Weapons GC - Men 30+
$200 - Weapons GC - Women 30+
$200 - Point Sparring GC - Men 30+
$200 - Point Sparring GC - Men 50+
$200 - Point Sparring GC - Women 30+
Each adult Class AA overall grand champion in the above categories will also receive a Sterling Silver Medallion

Savings Bonds
Class AA Black Belt Divisions
$100 Savings Bonds for each:
(there must be a grand champion match (i.e. 2 competitors must show and fight for grands) in order for savings bonds to be paid out for youth sparring divisions)
10-11 Boys Sparring GC
12-13 Boys Sparring GC
14-15 Boys Sparring GC
16-17 Boys Sparring GC
10-11 Girls Sparring GC
12-13 Girls Sparring GC
14-15 Girls Sparring GC
16-17 Girls Sparring GC

$100 Savings Bonds for each:
13 & Under Boys Overall Forms
13 & Under Girls Overall Forms
13 & Under Boys Overall Weapons
13 & Under Girls Overall Weapons
14-17 Boys Overall Forms
14-17 Girls Overall Forms
14-17 Boys Overall Weapons
14-17 Girls Overall Weapons

Each youth Class AA overall grand champion in the above categories will also receive a Sterling Silver Medallion

Demo/Synch Teams
$500 Cash - 1st Place Black Belt Demo Team
$300 Savings Bond - Overall Color Belt Demo Team (DT-1 vs DT-2)
$200 Cash - Overall Black Belt Synchronized Team Winners (Synchronized Forms vs Synchronized Weapons)

(minimum 4 competitors in each division for prize money to be paid out)
$100 cash - Black Belt Men's Continuous Sparring Overall Grand Champion (Light v Middle v Heavy)
$100 cash - 1st Place Black Belt Self-Defense
$100 cash - 1st Place Black Belt Breaking

Class A Black Belt Divisions
(minimum 4 competitors in each grand championship division for cash/savings bonds payouts)
$100 cash - 18+ Men's Overall Forms GC
$100 cash - 18+ Women's Overall Forms GC
$100 cash - 18+ Men's Overall Weapons GC
$100 cash - 18+ Women's Overall Weapons GC
$100 cash - 30+ Men/Women Overall Forms GC
$100 cash - 30+ Men/Women Overall Weapons GC
$100 savings bond - 17 & Under Boys Forms Overall GC
$100 savings bond - 17 & Under Girls Forms Overall GC
$100 savings bond - 17 & Under Boys Weapons Overall GC
$100 savings bond - 17 & Under Girls Weapons Overall GC

Team Divisions - Cash Prizes & Savings Bonds
(minimum 4 teams in a division required for cash or savings bonds prize payout!)
$750 cash - Black Belt Men 3-Person Team Sparring Champions
$500 cash - Black Belt Women 2-Person Team Sparring Champions
$300 cash - Black Belt Executive (One fighter from 30+, 40+, 50+) Men's Team Sparring Champions
$200 cash - Black Belt Executive (One fighter from 30+, 40+) Women's Team Sparring Champions
$200 cash - Black Belt Executive (One fighter from 50+, 60+) Men's Team Sparring Champions
$300 savings bonds - NASKA Rated Boys Team Sparring Champions
$200 savings bonds - NASKA Rated Girls Team Sparring Champions
$50 savings bond for each team member and $100 cash for winners of TS-11, TS-12, TS-13 color belt team divisions
$100 savings bond and $100 cash for winners of TS-14, TS-15, TS-16, TS-17 color belt team divisions

Color Belt Grand Champions
The 2022 COMPETE Internationals offers 76 Color Belt Grand Champion divisions. Winners for each of the Color Belt Grand Champion divisions will receive a $50 savings bond and custom award.

Friday, February 25th:

2:30 pm
Official's Meeting

4:00 pm
Black Belt Traditional Challenge - Youth
Black Belt Demo Team

5:00 pm
Youth & Adult Black Belt:
Musical, Extreme, Creative Weapons
Musical & Extreme Forms
Synchronized Forms/Synchronized Weapons

6:00 pm - NEW for Color Belts
Color Belt Continuous Sparring (All Ages)
Color Belt 13 & Over Team Sparring

7:00 pm
Black Belt Open Weight Sparring
Black Belt Team Sparring (All Ages)
Black Belt Continuous Sparring (All Ages)

7:30 pm
Black Belt Traditional Challenge - Adults

Saturday, February 26th:

9:00 am
Color Belt
Synchronized Form

Black Belt
Traditional Weapons
Traditional Form
Creative Form
Black Belt Youth Point Sparring will begin immediately after forms/weapons divisions

10:00 am
Color Belt
14 & Over Extreme & Musical Forms/Weapons
13 & Under Extreme & Musical Forms/Weapons

11:30 am
Color Belt
13 & Under Traditional Weapons

Black Belt
Adult Point Sparring

12:30 pm
Color Belt
13 & Under 3-Person and 2-Person Team Sparring
14 & Over Traditional Weapons
14 & Over Traditional Forms

1:00 pm
Color Belt
Breaking Divisions

Black Belt
Youth Run offs (Forms/Weapons)
Breaking Divisions

1:30 pm
Color Belt
14 & Over Weapons, Creative Forms, Kenpo Forms

2:00 pm
Black Belt
Adult West Coast Sparring

2:30 pm
Black Belt
Adult Forms/Weapons Run Offs and Grand Championships

3:00 pm
Color Belt
14 & Over Point Sparring
14 & Over Grand Championship Divisions

7:00 pm
COMPETE Gold Star Finals
See the best in Action
Live Streamed on Black Belt Magazine!

Sunday, February 27th:

9:00 am
13 & Under Color Belts

Traditional Forms
Traditional Weapons
Creative Forms
Point Sparring

All Grand Champion divisions will begin after sparring is complete for the age group/category. Competitors will be notified via text (if a mobile number was included as part of registration).

NEW FOR 2022

10:00 am 
For Division break down and info, contact Hanshi Anthony Marquez at (626) 485-6716
[email protected]

10:00 am
Performance/First Timer Division
17 & under Color Belts - non-judged divisions. Participants will all receive a performance trophy. This division is for competitors not ready for the competitive divisions overall or in a particular category.

Important Information to Know About 2022 Compete Internationals
Frequently Asked Questions

What new things are happening at 2022 COMPETE Internationals?

  • NEW! Hotel rooms are at a premium due to a competing NASCAR event the same weekend as 2022 COMPETE Internationals. Make sure to book early to get the best rates.
  • NEW! COMPETE Internationals introduces Special Needs Divisions at the event. We want martial arts competition to be inclusive because martial arts is for everyone.
  • NEW! Adult black belt divisions will start earlier at 9:00 am on Saturday, February 26th. Please plan accordingly.
  • NEW! In 2022, the COMPETE Internationals will offer separate boys and girls divisions for Kenpo Forms.
  • NEW! We appreciate our color belt competitors and we show it with 76 color belt grand championship titles with $50 savings bonds for each champion.
  • NEW! For Class AA juniors, the 2022 COMPETE Internationals offers savings bonds for grand champions in forms and weapons AND for junior fighters.
  • NEW! For Class A competitors, there are grand championship divisions and cash prizes and savings bonds for the champions.

What is the difference between the Class A and Class AA Black Belt divisions?

AA Divisions - You can expect to compete against national and world level competitors, many of whom travel the world level circuits/leagues and are rated by the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA). Competitors who are ready to take their competition to the next level and compete with the best in the world should compete in AA divisions.

A Divisions - You can expect to compete against mostly local or regional competitors with little to no experience competing on a national or world tour level.

How can I determine what belt/rank level I should compete at?

In general, use the following guidelines for determine what level rank you should use for competition:

White Belts (under 6 months of martial arts training)
Beginner (usually white, yellow or orange belt) (under 18 months of martial arts training)
Intermediate (usually blue, purple or green belt) (Under 36 months of experience)
Advanced (usually brown or red belts) (Under 48 months experience)
Black Belt (new black belts may want to compete in Class A divisions rather than Class AA - see explanation above)

Are there any COVID restrictions or requirements?

California recommends the use of masks at the event and in establishments. Participants are not required to be vaccinated to participate. This may change depending on state laws. This section will be updated as new information is received.

Will you offer PCR or Antigen testing for competitors that need it to travel home after the event?

We are actively searching for affordable testing options for the event and will update this section shortly. It is our plan to offer an option for competitors that need this service.

What are the music requirements for this event?

Competitors participating in the COMPETE Finals on Saturday, February 26th must use licensed music from Epidemic Sound. Find out more information here:


Is there an SMA Membership feature at the event?

Yes. This is an SMA VIP event and SMA Members will receive VIP treatment including accelerated check-in, warm up space and concierge services.

Where can I eat around the event? What is there to do in Ontario, California?

I'm an international competitor and I need an invitation to go to the event, how can I get this?

In order to be eligible for an international invitation, you must demonstrate the following:

  1. Hotel room booked with confirmation number at one of the four hotels approved by the event.
  2. Competitors and spectators requesting individual invitations must be registered with the COMPETE Internationals as a competitor or spectator with confirmation. Note that your registration fee is non-refundable.
  3. Email your confirmation to the event and we will provide you with the list of additional items needed for an international invitation to [email protected]

I plan to pick up my 2021 NASKA Awards at the event, how will this work?

NASKA Members who chose pick-up at COMPETE Internationals for their awards from the NASKA Banquet will receive notification for award pick-up prior to the COMPETE Internationals event.

Will the finals for your event be live streamed on Black Belt Magazine? What is the media coverage for the event?

The 2022 COMPETE Internationals finals will be live streamed on Black Belt Magazine, and MAT Action. Professional finals production provided by and MAT Action

Media coverage, including photos and video by

What are the rules for the event?

All Class AA and Class A Black Belt Divisions follow NASKA Rules for competition.

The 2022 COMPETE Internationals World Martial Arts Tournament is held at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, CALIFORNIA, USA

Travel by auto:
Use your mapping app to locate
Ontario Convention Center
2000 Convention Center Way
Ontario, California 91764

Parking: The Ontario Convention Center offers a paid parking lot.

Travel by air:
The closest airport is the Ontario International Airport (ONT) which offers a shuttle to most hotels.

Other airports:
Los Angeles (LAX) - 50 miles from Ontario
John Wayne Airport/Orange County) (SNA) - 40 miles from Ontario
Burbank, California (BUR) - 40 miles from Ontario
Long Beach (LGB) - 50 miles from Ontario

Get great rates at hotels nearby the event:

In 2022, there is a NASCAR event on the SAME weekend as the 2022 COMPETE Internationals. This means that many hotels are booked or priced very high. The promoters for the COMPETE Internationals have contracted with hotels near the event for the best rates for participants of the event.

Azure Suites - this hotel is closest to the Ontario Convention Center and has a dedicated pathway to walk to the Convention Center. The rate also includes breakfast.

Holiday Inn - this is within walking distance to the Convention Center and is a newer facility.

Comfort Suites - This is close to the convention center and you can walk to the event with a good rate and free breakfast, free parking, free wi-fi and an airport shuttle.

Ontario Airport Hotel - this is across the freeway and about two miles from the Convention Center. The hotel has a free scheduled shuttle to and from the Convention Center. Also, if you have a car, this hotel will provide you with a parking voucher so that you can park at the Convention Center for free. Parking at the hotel is free. It is newly remodeled and 1 mile from the Ontario Mills shopping center. This hotel is recommended by the promoters.

Book your hotel room using this link to get the best rates! Rooms are limited at all hotels and will run out so make sure to book early.

Become a certified COMPETE Internationals official in 2022.

Register to become a judge/official for COMPETE Internationals at this link:


COMPETE Internationals offers training sessions for judges that are virtual (via Live on Facebook) and in-person.

1st Training Session - Saturday, February 5th
2nd Training Session - Saturday, February 12th
3rd Training Session - Saturday, February 19th

2:30 - 4:00 pm each session

For in person, please go to:

Red Dragon Diamond Bar
23545 Palomino Lane, Suite D
Diamond Bar, California 91765

For Live on Facebook, join the COMPETE Referees' Facebook Group:


Event Directors / Promoters


  USA - Ontario, CA

Ontario Convention Center, 2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario, California 91764, United States

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