Freestyle Open
  May 30
Join us for the Freestyle Open -- Where Traditional And Extreme Become One!

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About This Event
What Is The Freestyle Open?

The Freestyle Open is a virtual martial arts competition. It is open to anyone from any style and any skill level.

The pandemic has opened the door to virtual martial arts competition as a way to help martial artists enhance training by using competition as a way to improve, motivate and learn about martial arts. 

The format of the event is as follows:

1. Divisions are offered in various categories like forms (kata), weapons and breaking. The divisions are categorized by age, skill level, gender and style (for kata and weapons you can choose from traditional, creative, musical and extreme).

2. The event is run live but via zoom so competitors can participate from any location so long as they have internet and a device to broadcast from.

3. The event is held on one day with a variety of "rings" which are zoom rooms. Divisions are scheduled to be run in rings throughout the day.

4. On the day of the event, competitors join the proper zoom room for the division(s) registered for and each competitor performs his/her routine along with other competitors in the division. The performance is viewed by three judges who compare the competitors against each other and give scores. The competitors scores are tallied and competitors are awarded places based on scores.

5. Competitors receive digital certificates with the place earned in each division he/she entered. Competitors also receive points towards ratings in the SMA Virtual Booster League.

6. There are five events in the SMA Virtual Booster League. At the end of the five events, top rated competitors will have medals mailed to them. The Freestyle Open is the 5th event in the series.

Check out the divisions available for the Freestyle Open:

See the rules for all the divisions here:

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