Derby Championship

May 15, 2021
This event is in-person

(25 Days Away)

Martial Arts Handle: Derby-Championship

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Join us for the Derby Championship - May 15, 2021!

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Bow in, Rules, & Code of Conduct will be went over at start of each session. Registration opens at 8:30 AM, will be open all day. Only current session participants will be allowed in gym. Start times subject to delay.

Referee/Rules Meeting: 9:30 AM

Session 1: 10 AM-National Anthem & Prayer
Ages 11 and below Underbelts & 11 & Below Underbelts Grand Champion runoff
-State & Nationals, Team Spar- ring ages 9-11 & 8 & Below

Session 2: 12:30 PM
Ages 12-17 Underbelts & 12-17 Underbelts Grand Champion runoff, Team Sparring ages 12-17-State & Nationals

Session 3: 1:30 PM
Ages 17 & Below Junior Black Belts & Junior Black Belt Grand Champion runoff-State & Nationals

Session 4: 2:30 PM
Adult Underbelts, & Continuous Sparring-all ages, Team Sparring ages 18 and up

Session 5: 3:30 PM
Adult Black Belts, Adult Black Belt Grand Champion runoff-State & Nationals, & Open Black Belt Sparring Champion-Most Supportive School Award, Best School Respect Award, and Winningest School awards given out at end

·      Medals Awarded 1-3 Place

·      Points Awarded Are: 1st Place: 10, 2nd Place: 8, 3rd Place: 6, 4th Place: 4, Runner Up: 2, 2 Star Events Doubled, 3 Star Events, Tripled-EMAC Active Members

·      Participation Awards for All

·      Most Supportive School Plaque

·      Most School Respect Plaque

·      Champions Cup Awarded to School Which Wins Most 1st Place Awards

·      4 Grand Champion Awards - ONLY AT STATES & NATIONALS

·      $500 Cash to Black Belts Open Division Adults Point Sparring Winner

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