2021 SMA Awards

Dec 26 - Jan 6, 2021

Martial Arts Handle: SMA-Banquet-2021


The SMA Banquet is a celebration to honor and recognize your 2021 SMA Virtual Tour year's accomplishments! We are proud of what we have accomplished together, and we hope to keep the sport karate community active and involved during these times of uncertainty.


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2022 SMA Membership

The 2022 SMA Membership offers something for all competitors.

Compete in and be rated in the 2022 SMA Virtual Tour

  • SMA Members that compete in the SMA VT get rated and are eligible for end-of-year awards, titles, gifts and prizes for the season.
  • SMA VT ratings are published in Black Belt Magazine
  • Ratings and SMA VT event results are included in your MAT Action profile
  • If rated #1, #2 or #3 at the end of the season, or if you earn a Wild Card spot, SMA Members will be invited into the final invite only season finale event. If you win your division at the season finale, you will be able to compete in the season ending grand champonships
  • SMA Members are eligible for SMA VT 2022 Season Passes

Even if you don't plan to compete in the SMA Virtual Tour, the SMA Membership is a great idea because it will make 2022 a great year for in-person competition.

  • SMA Members get VIP status at 5 major world events in 2022 (additional events may be added during the 2022 season).
  • VIP status means you get access to the special SMA VIP Club room at each event
    • VIP Club room includes separate check in for the event in the Club room
    • VIP warm up area and fun guest warm-ups with top competitors as well as a chance to meet top competitors
    • While in VIP Club, special notifications for when your divisions are going to start as well as ring change updates so you won't miss your division and don't have to sit around waiting
    • Special concierge guidance and treatment to assure the best event experience, handle issues and answer questions
    • Gifts, snacks and other items in the VIP Club room

And for ALL competitors, check it out:

  • Your SMA Membership gets you access to special training sessions with top competitors and stunt performers including Ross Levine, Chloe Bruce, Caitlin Dechelle and Matt Emig (with more to be added).
  • Discounts on all SMA VT and licensed event apparel throughout the season.
  • Discounted annual subscription option for Black Belt Magazine

Included 2022 Events for the SMA VIP Club:

Get info on these events at www.MATAction.com

Shipping and Deadlines Information

$19 minimum for USA
$42 minimum for Canada and other international destinations
Option for Pick up at AKA Warrior Cup with no shipping cost
Awards can be ordered through January 6, 2022
Awards Packages will begin shipping on January 25, 2022